New Exterior Lighting Rebate for Wisconsin Customers

FOE_CMYK_logoDuring the week of Sept 23rd  2013 Focus on Energy Business Programs released a new offering for specific exterior lighting  applications.  This new offering is titled Exterior Lighting Optimization or “ELO” for short.   The offering will be targeting existing pole mount and wall mount applications that meet the following requirements:

•  Existing systems are wall or pole mount fixtures of between 150 – 400 watt HID
•  Existing fixtures must be mounted at a minimum height of 15’ above finished grade
•  Existing fixtures currently are left on from dusk until dawn (12 hour per night annual average)

This offering will be promoting the replacement or retrofit of qualifying existing lighting systems with the following options that meet the requirements of the ELO offer:

• LED fixtures and retrofits
•  Ceramic or pulse start metal halide lamp and ballast systems
•  Reduced wattage metal halide direct replacement lamps

The ELO offering is structured as a Co-Pay system offered to end users by participating Trade Allies.  Participation as an ELO registered Trade Allies is limited to installation providers who meet the following requirements.

  • Registered with the Focus on Energy as a Trade Ally who is eligible to receive direct incentive payment from the Focus on Energy program
  • Signed the ELO Trade Ally Agreement (available at time of presentation)
  • Licensed Master Electrician that meets the insurance requirements of the ELO offering (same requirements as the Small Business Program offering and Multifamily             Common Area Lighting Package offering)
  • Attend an ELO training presentation (arrangements will be made after Trade Ally requests to register)

Please contact your local Philips distributor or myself at for more information.

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